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the summary

Leveraging AI to build the future of web design

The Problem

Following a rebrand that completely changed their product, purpose, and core customer, Quest found their new audience and potential partners were struggling to understand their new offer. With no idea as to why and a product that demanded their small team’s full attention, I partnered up to find out where their brand was missing its mark.

The Challenge

Can digital designers easily create fully-customized websites without compromising their time or creative vision?

The Solution

After identifying the ideal users for Quest’s new platform, we crafted a challenge that was centered around their creative needs and used the insights gained to rebuild Quest’s position from the ground up. Through a new brand strategy, we reimagined Quest as a conduit for uncompromised creativity—a notion that would redefine company culture, prioritize key product features, and express the platform's intended role for creators.


Rebrand, Technology, Startup

Things We Did

Brand Strategy + Positioning

Value Proposition Design

Copywriting + Messaging

Creative Direction

Visual Identity Refinement

Landing Page Design

Digital Motion Video

People Who Helped

Eric Sin | Creative Direction + Design

Julian Rotondo | Art Direction + Design

Kirill Maksimchuk | Motion Design

Alexandr Tulupov | Sound Design

the results



Brand strategy process

the details

Building Context

Following their transition from an established company to a rebranded startup, Quest struggled to divide their limited resources between developing their product and navigating their new market. Designers and potential partners were confused by Quest’s offer, ultimately unable to distinguish from existing solutions. Together, we uncovered that Quest’s hasty rebrand left much of their messaging unresolved and their team misaligned, hindering their ability to assume their new role.

To better understand Quest’s new customers and the platform’s true potential, we explored the functional and emotional drivers that digital designers face when looking to build a website. We discovered that although digital designers view website building as an essential skill, they believe their available options either demand a steep, platform-specific learning curve or restrict them to design within boundaries, limiting the full extent of their creativity. Simply put, they weren’t designing as desired—but as required.

Driving Change

To help Quest establish its undisputed presence as a new venture and communicate an offer that would be equally distinct, a new brand position was crafted—one devoted to keeping creativity pure and intuitive for digital designers. We then guided Quest in implementing their new foundation across their entire organization and refined key forms of branded communication.

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Brand Strategy Details
Brand Strategy DetailsBrand Strategy Details

"We ended up uncovering new ideas and results we never expected. Frankie’s work has affected things as small as our logo and visual identity, as big as all of our social messaging, and down to what features we prioritize in building our platform. He helped us identify our core audience and how to communicate with them most efficiently."

Andrew J.

Co-Founder, Quest

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