Case Study

Hunter Yeany

the summary

Inspiring a new generation of Formula Racing athletes and fandoms

The Problem

Despite being a formidable force in an up-and-coming class of formula racing athletes, Hunter Yeany recognized that the road to Formula 1 would depend on more than pure performance. Preparing to enter his first full FIAF3 season as a free agent, I partnered with Hunter and his team to build a personal brand that would elevate him as an athlete and inspire relevance beyond the sport’s traditional audiences.

The Challenge

How might we fuse domestic heritage with global appeal to establish a personal racing brand that ignites interest, transcends the track, and fuels Hunter to lead the next generation of Formula athletes?

The Solution

Reorienting our brand focus from what we drive to what drives us, we crafted a global strategy that defined fresh cultural paradigms, experiences, and opened the door for a new wave of collaborations, fandoms, and brands to enter the world of Formula racing.


Sports, Lifestyle, Entertainment

Things We Did

Brand strategy + positioning

Value proposition design

Communication guidelines

Copywriting + messaging

Visual identity design

Website design + development

People Who Helped

Julian Rotondo | Creative direction + design

Ethan Suero | Web design, development + experience

Malik Emmanuel | Photography + video

Dutch Photo Agency | Photography

the results


Signed as an FIAF3 driver with Campos Racing

Global modeling contract with Wilhelmina

National partnership with the Navy SEAL Foundation


Brand strategy process

the details

Building Context

Aside from small pockets of interest, it had been decades since F1 in America was revered with the same popularity and nationalism that it received on the global stage. Heading into the next phase of his professional career as an independent FIAF3 athlete, Hunter was one of four American drivers competing for the support of scouts, sponsors, and spectators. With world-class performance as a given for any athlete, Hunter needed to demonstrate value beyond the track through a salient personal brand that would resonate with enthusiasts and rally the interest of casual American fans.

To deepen our understanding, we looked at the evolution of motorsports across the globe and explored varying levels of fandom. We took note of how each was manifesting in today’s societies and found that the surface-level indifferences presented in American audiences were being underpinned by deep-seated dichotomies in culture and ideals. Ultimately, the tenets that attracted F1 aficionados were the very same that escaped everyday Americans—who were not only failing to see F1 in their cities and on their screens but failing to see people like themselves in F1.

Driving Change

Tapping into the same spirit of ingenuity and defiance that molded motorsports in America, we anchored Hunter’s brand in the notion of realizing and pursuing personal ambition. This enabled us to reframe the landscape of Formula racing and propose a revitalized definition of its athletes, brands, and fans, as well as provoke new ideas about who they could be. With our new strategy in place, we developed a full visual identity system and web experience, then guided Hunter, his team, and their extended partners through a series of physical and digital brand activations.

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"Working with Frankie to develop Hunter’s brand was a wonderfully productive experience. Frankie is collaborative, imaginative, and efficient, which resulted in delivering a brand and assets that surpassed our expectations."

Rachael Murray

President, Hunter Yeany Collective

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