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the summary

Enabling the next era of experience in vehicle commerce

The Problem

Near-ready to launch a new service that promised to amplify the scale, reach, and reputation of its organization, Autobound—an all-in-one automotive logistics solution provider—was grappling with how to bring forward its transformative new offer in relation to its existing brand. With a market amidst a fundamental shift and capable competitors closing in, I partnered with Autobound to find an approach that would expound and enrich both brands.

The Challenge

How might we brand and integrate Autobound’s offer expansion into its existing ecosystem and fuel the company for entry into the international arena?

The Solution

Leaning into the constantly changing, chaotic space between customer expectation and experience, we crafted a strategy that clarified and expanded Autobound’s brand ecosystem, elevated its enterprise, and enabled a new set of precedents in the world of vehicle commerce.


Automotive, Logistics, Experience

Things We Did

Brand strategy + positioning

Brand architecture

Value proposition design

Communication guidelines

Copywriting + messaging

Art direction

Visual identity system

People Who Helped

Julian Rotondo | Creative direction + design

the results



Brand strategy process

the details

Building Context

Navigating the sweeping change brought on by digital acceleration and a rise in demand for electric vehicles, Original Equipment Manufacturers and Value-Added Resellers were racing to restructure operations, reduce overhead, and regain momentum in the market. Ready to double-down on its reputation and resources as a regional leader in vehicle logistics and transport, Autobound developed the “Hub”—a promising new offer expansion. Despite being confident in its power and potential, the Autobound team knew that a misstep in bringing the Hub to market could derail the company’s growth and damage its existing business.

Digging into varying degrees of synergy and separation between Autobound as a point-to-point carrier and a holistic, service-centered ecosystem, we set out to better understand how the capabilities and culture around vehicle commerce were evolving. Identifying new demands in access and expectation driven by a transfer of power from seller to buyer, we uncovered a widening divide in the car-buying experience. While OEMs and VARs were exceeding expectations for vehicle innovation, they were still tethered to a legacy system that failed before consumers ever got behind the wheel. 

Driving Change

Reinterpreting expectation as an ever-changing ideal rather than a static benchmark, we pushed past the utilitarian functions of transporting vehicles to establish Autobound’s HUB as a catalyst for best-in-class vehicle commerce. Within its brand ecosystem, we positioned the HUB as a beacon for best-in-class service and experience—that which customers are encouraged to demand, and vendors could now be empowered to deliver. With our strategic direction defined, we primed Autobound for international expansion through revitalized communication, channel and messaging guidance, and a bespoke extension to the brand’s existing visual identity system.

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"We had an understanding of where the industry was headed, but digging into how shifts in cultural trends and consumer truths would affect our business were keystones in setting us up for long-term success. Frankie’s work helped us build on our existing brand equities to bring the Hub forward in a way that felt connected and clear from the inside and out."

Alex Migliarese

President, Autobound

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